Fertility Services

Fertility Testing

Infertility is an all to common condition that effects  nearly 10% of men attempting to conceive yearly. It is a traumatic and depressing diagnosis. 

As we age T levels and sperm levels decrease. This becomes unfortunate for the man who may be attempting to conceive after the age of 30 or younger in some cases. 

Here at Alpha Health,  we specialize in fertility testing for men. Semen analysis along with comprehensive lab testing helps to determine the overall health of our male patients. The Process is simple and non invasive.  Once we determine the cause, treatment may begin. 

The treatment we provide helps to increase your sperm count by stimulating the testicles to produce more sperm. This will also lead to a natural increase in your testosterone level and also an increase in your libido!  Win-Win!

If you are experiencing issues conceiving a child, then schedule an appointment with our experienced medical team at Alpha Health.  No Judgement Zone, Treatment Tailored to You!